Tulsi, also known as Holy Basil, is a sacred herb in Ayurveda, a 6000 year old Science of Life” originating in India. Also referred to as the ”Queen of Herbs”, Tulsi is an integral herb of Ayurvedic medicines.

Tulsi tea is a flavourful tea made from the leaves and blossoms of the Tulsi basil plant. Although not officially a tea as it does not come from the tea bush Camellia sinensis, Tulsi tea is a herbal infusion prepared exactly the same way as black, green, oolong or white tea. On its own, Tulsi tea is naturally caffeine free, but some of the blends available (Tulsi Chai Masala and Tusli Green tea) do contain caffeine.

The essential oils in the leaves of the Tulsi plant contains hundreds of beneficial compounds known as phyto-chemicals that work together to give Tulsi strong anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and immune-enhancing properties. Tulsi tea thereby promotes general health and supports the body's natural defence mechanisms against germs, stress and disease. It is also these essential oils that give the tea its fragrant and refreshing flavour.

Another advantage of Tulsi is that it is one of the most effective known adaptogens. An adaptogen helps the body adapt more efficiently to stress by reducing the intensity and negative impact of stress. In this way, Tulsi tea helps the body deal with physical, chemical, environmental and emotional factors that

compromise physical and mental stress.




Stress Relieving & Energizing

Only the finest, 100% organically grown Rama, Krishna and Vana Tulsi leaves and blossoms are blended to make our Original Tulsi Tea. Fragrant and uplifting, with notes of lemon and mint, this simple tea boasts rich, soothing flavor, bringing relief from stress, along with the many other healthful benefits of Tulsi. Completely free of caffeine.

Warming & Soothing

Said to warm the emotions and sharpen the senses, spicy, pungent ginger is a wonderful complement to the gentle, stress-relieving Tulsi in our Tulsi Ginger Tea. Made with 100% organically grown ginger and Rama, Krishna, and Vana Tulsi, the soothing, bright flavor of this tea is especially comforting to women with morning sickness and others suffering mild nausea or heartburn. Its potent immune system-supporting properties make Tulsi Ginger Tea an ideal tea for times of cold and flu and with its warm, rich flavor, it's a delicious indulgence any time of year.

Healthy & Vitalizing

Both rich in antioxidants, Tulsi and green tea have each also been shown to promote a healthy metabolism. Our Tulsi Green Tea, with its earthy, toasty flavor, is an invigorating blend of two extraordinarily potent, naturally restorative plants. An excellent afternoon pick-me-up.

Purifying & Memory Enhancing

Gotu Kola (or Brahmi) has been honored for centuries in the Ayurvedic system of medicine, and is traditionally used to support memory and mental clarity. Its jasmine-like flavor and purifying properties are enhanced with organic Rama, Krishna, and Vana Tulsi in our Tulsi Gotu Kola Tea. Prized by students and yogis for it's calming, clarifying effects, this tea nourishes the nervous system and encourages emotional well-being.

Exotic & Stimulating

To make our Tulsi Chai Masala, we blend premium Assam tea (famous for its malty, smooth flavor) with freshly ground spices and the finest Tulsi leaves and blossoms. The result is an exquisitely robust, 100% organic tea that is at once soothing and stimulating. Whether enjoyed plain or with milk and sweetener, Tulsi Chai Masala is exotic, satisfying, and stimulating; an excellent alternative to coffee.

Original Tulsi Tea

Tulsi Ginger Tea

Tulsi Green Tea

Tulsi Gotu Kola Tea

Tulsi Chai Masala Tea

The Tulsi Tea Collection is also available loose leaf in a cannister.


Loose leaf Tulsi

Five refreshing 'tea bag' flavours

Benefits of Tulsi ( Holy Basil)

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